Social Responsibility

Supporting sports
and the young people
in Bulgaria




ing sports and the young people in Bulgaria

Speedy's strategy for social engagement is already a sustainable tradition in our company policy. Every year the company successfully implements a significant number of socially responsible initiatives with an emphasis on education and youth sports. We are willingly involved in various charitable causes and provide support to organizations, schools and other institutions with educational, sports and research activities.

"Our main cause is to support the smart, ambitious and sports loving children of Bulgaria."
Valeri Mektupchiyan, CEO of Speedy AD

Personnel care

Personnel management is among the main priorities in the company's activities. The high qualification and motivation of the staff is key to achieving Speedy's goals. New programs for training, stimulation of the good practices, perspectives for long-term development in the company are applied and developed. Our main concern is the health, safety and well-being of employees.

In the last few years, Speedy AD has successfully developed the Courier-Partners program, enabling the best performing employees to develop their own business by concluding partnership agreements.

Internship programs

We believe that one of the tasks of Bulgarian business is to support young people and give them the opportunity for development and realization in the country. That is why in 2013 we launched the program "Speedy is looking for a talent", which offers opportunities for professional development of young people - training, a good starting salary, a mentor to guide them, an individual development plan and a permanent employment contract. Many of the approved candidates for the program already hold managerial positions in the company.

In partnership with several schools in the country, Speedy conducts training and production practice for future specialists in courier and logistics professions.

Customer care

The main challenge in 2020 was to continue to carry out the usual activities while maintaining the health of employees and customers. A working group was set up on measures for prevention and work in the conditions of an epidemic, which in a short time adopted extremely strict rules for hygiene and prevention against the spread of infections and procedures for working under the new conditions. The measures have proven to be extremely successful, with no increased morbidity, which allows us to maintain the usual dynamics of work without compromising the lives and health of our customers.