Triathlon Burgas 2021


Triathlon Burgas 2021

On June 26th and 27th in the Sea Garden of Burgas (northern beach) was held the competition Triathlon Burgas 2021 for amateurs and triathlon fans over 18 years. The triathlon was organized in partnership and with the support of the Municipality of Burgas and a number of sponsors and partners, including Speedy.
All national sports clubs and members of the Bulgarian Triathlon Association took part in the program of "Triathlon Burgas". For the first year, a corporate relay was organized, in which participated companies with a team of three employees - a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. The world champion in short track Evgenia Radanova, the world record holder in 12-hour continuous swimming Tsanko Tsankov and the marathoner Krassimir Georgiev also supported the competition and took part at the start.

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