Оur Green Mission

In Speedy we believe that business should assume obligations not only within the financial development and working conditions, but also should take care to improve the social conditions of life, help the development of young people and protecting the environment.

As a socially responsible company, Speedy has successfully implemented a series of initiatives in the last years, with an emphasis on caring for nature and people, education, sports and the "green idea“ in general.

Speedy’s mission is to increase the number and significance of the green solutions, which determine the development of the company. We expanded to car fleet with electric vehicles and vehicles with low CO2 emissions to reduce harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere. We introduced parcel packaging made of fast degradable materials.

Vehicles with
low CO2
Care for
and people
Parcel packaging
made of fast
degradable materials
and sports

We realize that these are small steps to a bigger mission – we all live and develop our business in harmony with the laws of the Earth. But big changes are done by small steps. In Speedy we already made our first steps. We hope that the next steps will be greater. And we believe that we will walk together with a lot more like us.