Environmental Protection

Electric cars and
fleet with reduced
CO2 emissions
Degradable and
Recycling and

Electric cars and fleet with reduced
CO2 emissions

Speedy regularly invests in the renovation and maintenance of cars, vans and trucks with the lowest possible level of harmful emissions. Depreciated vehicles are annually replaced with new and modern ones, and the average age of the vehicles is maintained within 3-4 years.

2013 Еlectric Renault Kangoo Zero Emission - a bold first step towards environmental protection.

2019 Тhe first electric tricycle in Bulgaria.

2020 Speedy’s electric Paxters – an environmental solution for urban supplies.

Degradable & recyclable packaging

Speedy is constantly striving to reduce waste and limit the amount of packaging used. Parcels are shipped in cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard envelopes and plastic bags made of polyethylene with additives for accelerated degradation.

Recycling and paperless solutions

Some of our departments, where the work involves lot of printed documentation already developed and successfully introduced Paperless Solutions for electronic management of the working process that drastically reduced the use of printed materials. 

Our company magazine “Speedy Press" has been informing our clients and employees of the company about our news, events, services and projects for over 15 years now. The monthly edition was printed on 100% recycled CYCLUSPRINT paper and from 2021 it will be published electronically and distributed online.

Supporting environmental campaigns

As a socially responsible company, in recent years it has supported various initiatives with an emphasis on caring for nature and people and the "green idea" in general. The company's focus is committed to meeting global environmental needs, with our main priorities used for energy use, pollution reduction and recycling.

In 2014, Speedy became a member of the Green Circle of the Manager magazine, which provides socially responsible companies in the field of environmental protection.