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Attractive services
flexible solutions
Improving the
quality of
customer service

Pricing policy

Speedy creates long-term strategies with measurable benefits for customers, partners and consumers. Maintaining low prices for office/automat - office/automat is part of Speedy's commitment as a socially responsible courier company, whose mission is to offer products and services with transparency and clarity in pricing with care and guaranteed business integrity to customers.

Expanding the office network

Courier services are developing at a rate significantly above that of the economy, so Speedy is constantly investing in building logistics and professional capacity and looking for the most cost-effective logistics solution for customers. To this end, the company has built a wide network of offices, which are the preferred channel of individual recipients.

Attractive services and flexible solutions

The long-term goals of the company are to provide quality service, flexible solutions and competitive price for the offered quality. We are constantly working in the direction of offering attractive services, while looking for an opportunity for customers to easily navigate the offered mix of services and the way of their pricing. The new services that the company develops are in the direction of satisfying customer needs in the direction of convenience and predictability in receiving the ordered shipments, flexibility in shipment management, additional services and functionalities to the requirements of the market and consumers.

Improving the quality of customer service

Speedy's main focus is on improving customer service. Additional resources are allocated for new customers, which allows them to quickly get acquainted with the capabilities of service systems, to make the most of the services offered. Speedy strengthens the capacity of customer service units, while introducing indicators for monitoring the quality of customer service. These measures improve communication with customers and shorten the response time to customer inquiries. Our customers have the opportunity for quick feedback on the level of satisfaction.