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Speedy Goes Green

„The best friend of earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth." 

Frank Lloyd Wright

Corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability is a modern business approach that sets long-term strategies in the social, environmental and economic dimension and generates benefits for customers, employees and users, providing products and services with responsible care for people, resources and the environment.


Management of Speedy considers the development of corporate sustainability as its primary objective set in the company's value system.


Our main priorities are efficient use of energy, reducing pollution, guaranteed business integrity to our customers and continuous improving the quality of life and work of our employees.

Project 1: Zero Emission Electric Vehicles

Led by the company policy to innovative and technological business solutions to benefit customers and society in October 2013 Speedy had purchased 20 electric cars Renault Kangoo Zero Emission operating on the territory of Sofia and other major cities in the country.


Purchase of electric cars is a courageous decision and it turned the largest Bulgarian courier company in one of the first companies in Europe that has undertaken such innovativ investment. Speedy’s belief is that the future of urban transport of people and goods is in the electric vehicles – both due to significantly lower costs and to protect the environment.


Speedy’s mission is to increase the number and significance of the "green" solutions that define the company's development and enlarging to car fleet with eco-cars will significantly reduce harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere by our activities

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SPEEDY - partner in KWIAT's national campaign for children eye-health 2017

For third consecutive year Speedy is a partner in the traditional childhood prevention campaign organized by our partners KWIAT - the Bulgarian brand of eyeglasses.

Within the initiative, children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 will have the opportunity  to pass a free screening in eye optics in over 150 opticians and medical centers across the country by October 31, 2017. The aim is finding a possible problem at time and children to be directed to an ophthalmologist examination.

Speedy will take part in this campaign, which is so important for the eye-health and normal development of our children, by transporting for free the advertising material for the campaign to different locations in the country.

Pay attention to your child's sight - it's priceless!

Everything about the campaign, as well as a full list of optics for free eye-browsing, can be found here: http://kwiat.bg/bg-kampaniya-na-kwiat-za-profilaktika-na-detskoto-zrenie-2017